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Just a lot of art and stuff I make. Please keep in mind I have had this since I was like 13 so the farther you go, the worse it gets.






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I try all kinds of art. key word: try. I really do poetry and photography, but when I do traditional art, I don't really have great talents there. I am working though. practice makes perfect. :) Thank you.


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I really want the extra stuff like the dragon pack for DA Muro. Pwease donate :iconimsorryplz: If you donate I'll do a request if you want. A poem. a photograph. a drawing. Just please please donate :iconpointslaplz:



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Sorry ive been really inactive lately, school and I haven't been doing much writing recently. But I'm bored and found this on

what was your: 

last drink: H2O
last phone call: My dad
last text message: my best friend.
last song you listened to: Pity Party -Melanie Martinez
last time you cried: Like 2 days ago. I hit my funny bone

have you ever:

dated someone twice: no
been cheated on: nah
kissed someone and regretted it: YES
lost someone special: like died? no.
been drunk and thrown up: Nope
list three favourite colours: Purple, pink, and yellow.

in the last year have you:

made a new friend: Kinda sorta. Yeah
fallen out of love: ye
laughed until you cried: YES A LOT
met someone who changed you: not really
found out who your true friends are: Yeah. Definitely. 
found out someone who was talking about you: Nope.
kissed anyone on your fb friends list: Yes.


how many people on your fb friends do you know in real life: The majority are acquaintances  
do you have any pets: yes my cat. Blue!!!  
do you want to change your name: Meh
what did you do for your last birthday: Nothing. 
what time did you wake up today: 11:30
what were you doing at midnight last night: I was actually asleep
name something you cannot wait for: Life to stop shitting on me.
last time you saw your mother: A few minutes ago. 
what are you listening to right now: nothing 
have you ever talked to a person named tom: yes. 
what’s getting on your nerves right now: Life
blood type: O+

nickname: Abby 

relationship status: single 

zodiac sign: Gemeni
pronouns: she/her
favourite tv show: The Walking Dead
tattoos: none. 
right or left handed: Right
first surgery: Do ear tubes count????
first piercing: My ears
first best friend: I think her name was McKayla. 
first sport you joined: I wanted to do cheer but I never actually JOINED a sport
first vacation: Well I flew to visit my dad when I was like 7 in Texas? 
first pair of trainers: how am i supposed to know this? 

right now:

eating: I ate a crescent roll like 5 minutes ago. 
want kids: No
get married: wanna get married? yes. currently? no.
career: unemployed :(

which is better:

lips or eyes: eyes
hugs or kisses: hugs
shorter or taller: taller
older or younger: older
romantic or spontaneous: romantic
nice stomach or nice arms: arms
sensitive or loud: sensitive
hook up or relationship: relationship
trouble maker or hesitant: what kind of question is this? 

have you ever:

kissed a stranger: I made out with a guy I barely knew against my will. 
drank hard liquor: yes
sex on the first date: no
broke someone’s heart: yes
had your own heart broken: yeah
been arrested: no
cried when someone died: yes 
fallen for a friend: yeah 

do you believe in:

yourself: not really

miracles: kinda  

love at first sight: yes
heaven: yes 
santa claus: no
kiss on the first date: yes
angels: not sure 

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